About Tlc

The Teaching Learning Community, popularly known as TLC, journey so far more than decade. This endeavor is run free of cost, and believes in the fact, that the real payback comes from learning to do better business TLC was founded in 2005 as a community of 15 entrepreneurs in and around Nashik who wanted to achieve value-based breakthrough growth. Over a period, the informal exchange of ideas gave way to a structured entrepreneurship program, but with a difference. The program is continual and believes in unlearning, learning, doing, and teaching various business concepts to derive dramatic results in areas of leadership, strategy, financial parameters, employee pride, customer success, and social responsibility.

TLC Principle

TLC works on the following four principles:

  • Walk the Talk.
  • Learning by Teaching.
  • Creating Ripples.
  • Excellence and Beyond.

Since its inception, it has been able to assurance more than 800 entrepreneurs located in Nashik, Sinnar, Sangli, Kolhapur, Ahmednagar, Satara, Karad and Pune. The community currently consists of 450 active members who are CEOs of SMEs from Manufacturing, IT, Services, Pharma, hospitals, trading and Chartered Accountancy, in the age group ranging from 23 to 60 years. Its unique methodology empowers and enables members to create further ripples around them. Our vision 2020 is to help, assurance and empower 1000 entrepreneurs to excel in their businesses and thus create a pocket of excellence in India. These entrepreneurs will accelerate employment far beyond the national average, and will significantly contribute to the country's GDP. In order to build an emotional infrastructure by integrating TLCians from all locations into a close community. TLC holds 6 major events during the year.

TLC Curriculum

  • The TLC curriculum is designed on six pillars which are aligned to the EFQM business excellence model. The six enabling pillars are Entrepreneurial Leadership, People involvement, Financial understanding and Discipline, Strategy, World Class Processes, Sales and Marketing. The members are periodically audited in the four areas of Customer results, People results, Internal performance results and Social results.

  • All the TLCians are segmented into four orbits/levels. After appearing for an interview and undergoing a three-month PRE-TLC assessment, new members enter the Foundation level (FL) and get exposed to the basics of all six pillars for a year. When they pass the audits for this level, the can choose two pillars of their urgent need to study and implement the Standard level (SL) course. The Higher level (HL) members are obliged to teach the SL and FL members. Members can ?nally aspire and reach the Teacher level (TL) after masteringthe TLC concepts and consistently succeeding in their businesses.