Shareconomy offers services in conducting technical due diligence for the company whose capacity you choose for your manufacturing needs. The assessment by our specialized team typically ranges from - understanding the level of the company’s ‘tech enthusiasm’ to its scalability, maintenance and continuity. In a nutshell it's preparedness and efficiency to support your manufacturing needs

Our technical team provides an independent, third party assessment of science and technolgy associate with existing, new and emerging manufacturing units and projects, whose capacity you choose for your manufacturing needs.

For us at Shareconomy technical due diligence is the process of systematic review, analysis and discovery in which a prospective manufacturing partner, whether an owner or seeker, gathers information about the physical characteristics of the manufacturing unit in order to enable them to make an informed assessment of the benefits or risks associated with the transaction.

The benifits of Technical Due Diligence include:

  • gaining an understanding of the condition and design of the manufacturing unit.
  • establishing the suitability of the manufacturing unit for its intended use.
  • understanding the need for and quantifying future costs and other liabilities.
  • providing a level of protection for all partners within the transaction and
  • providing a solid foundation for price negotiations and allocation of risk.