Imperatives of Capacity Utilization for Manufacturing Industry

by Media Team

Posted on March 17, 2017 at 07:35 PM

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Lately, there is a lot of talk about manufacturing things in India. It's being discussed more often than it used to be. Besides, the Government's initiative of Make in India is a surefire way of encouraging manufacturing industries and thereby this sector seems to be equipped with enormous potential that could fetch about 25 to 30 per cent of GDP by 2025. It can further push up on nation to meet the levels of manufacturing giants such as Japan, United States, Germany and China.

For the country to grow, the share of manufacturing has to increase which still unfortunately lags behind Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. However, things are changing now and this sector is given huge impetus together with the Government's supporting go-ahead, emerging infrastructural facilities and a lot more opportunities.

In spite of all these facilitating-factors, the Indian manufacturing industry has to confront paralyzing policies, poor labor reforms, lack of skills development, innovation deficiencies, threatening taxes and the most prevailing of all – 'underutilized capacities.' Even if industry can tackle all these obstacles, it has to have broader strategy for effective capacity utilization as it has remained one of the vexed questions over the decades.

Let's assume that a manufacturing unit is all set-up and running well. But there are times when its capacity in not utilized totally either because of limited reach of marketing and sales, monopolistic market structure or lack of demand, etc. Ultimately, this will lead to temporary or prolonged closure of the unit resulting into an array of impacts such as constrained cash-flow, disturbed production planning, pending debts and salaries, credit crash, devaluation and tax defaults. Such challenging circumstances will attack the entire structure of any manufacturing industry.

This conundrum of underutilization of capacity exists largely in Indian economy which is responsible for slowing down country's growth. Even though the nation has a massive workforce, availability of natural resources and growing supply base, it has been affected by underutilized units. While both the Government and industry try their best to accelerate the manufacturing sectors in India, what's more alarming is the recurring question of capacity utilization! So here comes an urgent need for a platform that can fill this immense gap. That cannot only give a helping hand to industry owners but also can drive capacity seekers towards their needs.

With businesses coming up by leaps and bounds and capacity utilization remaining at the centre, there is only Shareconomy who has come to the rescue. It's a smarter digital platform that connects industrial capacity owners and capacity seekers while creating a network-based economy where like-minded entrepreneurs meet and share their requirements for healthy business objectives. It is such a revolutionary platform which helps empower industries with transparent business information and connects regional, national & transnational industry alliances with a difference.

Our country can become the next sought-after destination for manufacturing alternatives to China as we have enough resources and extensive manpower. Now that Shareconomy is en route to connecting the Indian industries, heydays are not far behind.

Industrial Alliances Made Simpler Here.

Along the way, we estimate that India could create 60 million to 90 million new manufacturing jobs and become an attractive investment destination for its own entrepreneurs and multinational companies.

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