Internet of Things - A Revolution Forging Smart Life!

by Media Team

Posted on March 28, 2017 at 10:54 AM

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Hey Siri and there you go! Stranded somewhere, here's Google map and keep driving to your destination! Today technology works wonder, probably not less than magic. Just think of a world wherein every technology from your home to office is interconnected. When your morning alarm rings, tea automatically starts brewing and when you come home, the doors recognizes you!

There is such a thing known as IoT which allows computers, machines and other smart devices to communicate with one another. Their systems or sensors are entwined so intelligibly that can be more than excellent in many ways. With the introduction of this amazing technology, everything around you is going smart, for instance smart car, smart house, smart cities, smart disaster indicators and of course smart health care devices. In short, the Internet of Things has huge potential to becoming a game-changer both in our personal as well professional life.

Basically, the IoT is a set of network devices that are connected to the internet, it is rather a network of products linked with internet having their

specific IP address so as to automate the prescribed tasks. It is because of this innovation which enables us to live in a smarter way whilst keeping ourselves safe, balanced and creating greater scope for future generations.

In order to make IoT happen, there is a dire need of platform through which devices can connect, interact and operate on the go. There are many companies who have made their own platforms for IoT to solve their special problems but simultaneously, they give rise to more fragmentation of the crowded industry too. That's why in a bid to make all the connected devices communicate effectively, it should be on the same platform.

Just the way IoT works backed up by perfect platform in order to augment the industry processes, there's yet another novice concept called 'Shareconomy' which is a revolutionary platform that connects the industry owners and capacity seekers. It's the ultimate, digital platform that breaks down the barriers among businesses while generating the best opportunities leading to range of opportunities and a whole new recognition to your business.

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