The Universal Phenomenon Called ‘Sharing Economy’!

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Posted on March 18, 2019 at 12:51 PM

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Global economy has welcomed this revolutionary concept of 'sharing economy' with open arms, be it renting out your personal car to your apartment to your work space to your bike or even your Wi-Fi network; this concept has been applied to a wide range of products & services. After-all the idea of monetizing your spare resources when you don't need it is something most of us would would love to do! The only thing that's needed is the right platform; an intermediary who can connect those who needs it with those who have it in excess.

So what exactly 'Sharing Economy' is?

Sharing economy contains various meanings. Although the definitions of 'Sharing Economy' are still evolving, It can be defined as an economic systems in which underused or spare assets or services are shared between individuals, either free or paid, generally through internet.

Thanks to the concept of sharing economy which has opened the door to a world of opportunities. Amid the avalanche of competitions, this very idea of sharing has been proved to be the most handy and efficient in terms of fulfilling objectives more efficiently. Fortunately, the rapidly-expanding business arena, too has been augmented at greater degree with the help of the 'sharing' concept as well as the world economy which has seen unprecedented changes, with this wonder of sharing.

Now urban Indians have been increasingly becoming acquainted with with ride-sharing applications in recent years like Ola or Uber & with the influx of smart-phones, the phenomenon of sharing has also reached to the rural India.

Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd (M&M), the well-known maker of transportation equipment, understood the unused resources across India's vast countryside, so it made a sharing platform called Trringo which allows the farmers to rent farming equipment, thereby fulfilling their agricultural needs.

With more and more youngsters aspiring to do their own business rather than working for someone, another big influence of the new 'Sharing Economy' phenomenon is the rising popularity of co-working spaces. Yes! There are full-service offices available where small group or even individuals can hire a work space. Some of the companies that offer such facility are Awfis, Cowrks, Regus and WeWork among others. As we know hospitality is another big industry which is advancing as a result of the `Sharing' concept, i.e Airbnb, Oyo etc.

Lately, this concept has been expanding out of open-source popularity leading to an easy sharing of goods and services; which is rather termed as online market place including business to business (B2B) transactions.

With such a massive rise of sharing economy, the MSMEs are also making most of their underutilised manufacturing capacities. No less than boon to manufacturing industries, this very idea of sharing helps capacity owners utilise their idle capacity to the fullest that mutually benefits the capacity seekers & owners.

However these connections has been happening over the years through the traditional methods such as passing the information in known circles, spending huge money for print advertisement or taking a help of a business consultants. All these efforts are scattered, limited and cannot be reached at mass level across the country.

It has been said that the capacity utilization of India varies around 60 to 70%. Some sectors and companies even struggle to achieve 50% of utilization. There is a dire need of focusing attention to improve the capacity utilization in India. The capacity utilization not only improve fortunes of the industry owners, but also help improve job creations. The country has been witnessing rising number of aspiring young entrepreneurs who have the talent and skill to make it big in the market. However, they struggle to raise capital to set up their own industrial capacities. In such cases, spare capacity available across existing companies, can act as a major enabler for young aspiring entrepreneurs to explore their fortune. It will eliminate the need of major capital investment.

To address this there is a dire need of the right business platform & that's 'Shareconomy'.

Built on the concept of sharing, 'Shareconomy' is a pune-based B2B market place; a digital platform that connects Manufacturing Capacity Owners with Potential Capacity Seekers across the globe while optimising underutilised manufacturing capacities to the maximum.

It is such an innovative concept of sharing which also helps new ventures find their capital needs or eliminate it; and what's more it also offers allied services like market intelligence, technical & financial due diligence, product design & development, label design, company formations and also IT consulting, SAP consulting, IT recruitment services etc.

Call it a revolution in manufacturing industry or a new era in business world, the bottom line is a win-win situation for a wide range of industries and also for the nation. Believe it or not, going sharing-spree is going to boost Make-in-India efforts, more and more successful and Shareconomy makes this possible, at just a click! Now monetise and maximize the potential of your underutilised manufacturing resources with ease. Shareconomy makes 'Industrial Alliances Made Simple'.

Visit and find out the registered capacities that are ready to be used from across various industries! It helps, smartly.

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